Juan Williams said on The Five that there is some hypocrisy surrounding criticism of Democrats' plans to torpedo the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

Williams said that, just as many Democrats do not want President Trump's choice to be confirmed, "[the right] doesn't want any review of Brett Kavanaugh."

Jesse Watters said Williams was more concerned about Kavanaugh because his textual understanding of the Constitution would "stop Juan's agenda."

Williams said that Kavanaugh was one of more than two dozen people named on a list that the Federalist Society and Heritage Foundation helped construct.

He said the Federalist Society is a "hard right" group, and that there is a "clear agenda" to "support judges who will overturn liberal policy."

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Dana Perino, who worked for President George W. Bush as Kavanaugh did, said the claims of the Federalist Society being "right wing" are overblown.

She said that the organization is more known to be a place where "nerdy Republican lawyers get together."

Williams added that Kavanaugh's previous call to shield presidents from criminal investigation is troubling.

"This has been a pattern in his decisions on the D.C. Circuit. And that's why people say [that] maybe this is just part of a Trump defense strategy," he said, adding that if confirmed, Kavanaugh may rule in favor of Trump if questions about a potential need to testify before Special Counsel Robert Mueller or the ability to indict a sitting president are heard before the bench.

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