Steve Hilton says President Donald Trump made the correct move by accepting the resignation of embattled EPA Chief Scott Pruitt, and he should do the same with Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross.

During his time leading the EPA, Pruitt came under fire for extravagant spending habits, including on first-class travel, pay raises to top aides and a $43,000 soundproof booth.

Pruitt was also accused by Democratic lawmakers of seeking to leverage his government position for personal gain.

"The corruption and rot is on both sides of the aisle. That's why it took a political outsider like Donald Trump to lead this crusade, but it's got to be consistent," Hilton said in his "Swamp Watch" segment on "The Next Revolution" Sunday night.

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Hilton said Ross has done a good job by helping implement President Trump's trade agenda, but the commerce secretary has "shocking" conflicts of interest with his investments.

He pointed out that Ross is involved in tariff negotiations with South Korea, despite the fact that he co-founded a shipping firm, Nautical Bulk Holdings, that ships steel from the country.

“He’s negotiating over South Korean steel imports while making money from importing South Korean steel,” Hilton said.

He added that Ross has invested in the Chinese government-owned oil and gas company PetroChina.

“The brutal communist dictatorship in Beijing may be planning world domination but, hey, let’s not let that stop America's commerce secretary doing business with them while in office,” Hilton said.

He said Ross also failed to divest from a number of assets that he promised he would sell in his ethics agreement with the Department of Commerce.

"President Trump listened to us over Scott Pruitt. It might be an idea to do the same over Wilbur Ross."

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