Nigel Farage ripped London Mayor Sadiq Khan for allowing a large blimp featuring the effigy of an infant Donald Trump to be flown over the city while the U.S. president visits.

Trump is scheduled to meet with British Prime Minister Theresa May and Queen Elizabeth II later this month.

"It's an insult," Farage, a former leader of the UK Independence Party, said. "Whatever Sadiq Khan thinks about Donald Trump, he should not put that personal enmity above the fact that President Trump is the leader of the biggest and most important country in the world."


Farage told "The Story" he could not imagine another world city welcoming an American president that way.

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"Sadiq Khan is a total disgrace," he said of the Labour politician.

Khan has criticized Trump repeatedly over the president's political views, saying earlier this year that Trump is "not welcome" in London.

Trump has criticized Khan for his handling of multiple terror attacks.

Farage also said May's term of governance may be coming to an end, after two secretaries resigned their posts.

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