Speculation is swirling that Hillary Clinton may secretly be plotting a 2020 presidential run.

Columnist Michael Goodwin noted that in the last month alone, Clinton's super PAC has sent out five emails touting her role in combating President Donald Trump.

"The messages convey a sense of urgency, and are coming with increasing frequency. They are short, focused reactions to the latest “outrage” committed by President Trump," Goodwin wrote on FoxNews.com. "Some end by asking for money, some urge participation in protests. All read as if they are sent from the official headquarters of the resistance. Hillary Clinton is up to something."

Republican National Committee spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany said the GOP would welcome another Clinton presidential run.

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She pointed out that Clinton lost the 2008 Democratic primary to Barack Obama, nearly lost the 2016 primary to Bernie Sanders and lost the 2016 general election to President Trump.

"This is someone who has a history of losing elections," McEnany said on "America's Newsroom." "So we welcome it at the RNC."

Juan Williams said Clinton wants to continue to be a player in the Democratic Party, but that doesn't mean she's running for president.

"She wants to be out there making decisions about who is going to be the nominee and the direction of the party," Williams said.

McEnany said the Democratic Party is divided between moderates and progressives, which leaves a leadership vacuum that Clinton or Sanders may attempt to fill.

"Not good options," she said.

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On "Fox & Friends," former Clinton strategist Mark Penn characterized the idea of a Clinton run as "fantasy" at this point. 

Penn said Clinton may be interested in public service again, possibly as secretary of state again or as a Supreme Court justice, but won't try for the White House a third time.