The Five celebrated Jesse Watters' 40th birthday Monday with a montage of his some of his best moments on air, as well as a special video message from his parents, Stephen and Anne.

During a prior gift exchange, Watters was seen celebrating the fact he received a replica of a famous Michael Jackson jacket.

Other clips showed him laughing in self-deprecation at the Five's insistence that he resembles "Friends" star David Schwimmer.

Watters was reminded of some of his best "mom texts" which he has read on-air in the past.

"I cannot and will not identify myself as the mother of Trump's wingman," read one message.

"What are you talking about?" read another.

In the video, Mr. & Mrs. Watters told Jesse how proud they are of him, and also shared some of their memories.

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They said that a young Watters once leaped from a jungle gym onto a moving lawnmower and proclaimed himself a superhero.

His parents also mentioned how much the family enjoyed vacationing together when he was young -- even when the budding conservative decided to shirk boat excursions in order to stay on land and tune into the Rush Limbaugh Show.

"We are proud of your independence, your courage of conviction and your soft heart," his parents said.

They closed their video with a variation of Jesse's own sign-off: "we're the Watters, and we're so happy that you are in our world."

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