A professor who sued his university after he was suspended in 2014 for criticizing an instructor's refusal to tolerate dissent on the topic of same-sex marriage won his case Friday in the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

The court ruled that John McAdams, who was a political science professor at Marquette University, should immediately be reinstated.

McAdams appeared Sunday on "Fox & Friends" and said his emotions were "between elated and relieved."

"It’s been tedious going [on] all of these semesters kind of in limbo, but it's really sweet to win," he said.

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Marquette University had argued that McAdams was suspended because he named an instructor in a blog post, who then said she received threats and messages of hate.

McAdams' blog post criticized the graduate instructor, who allegedly shut down a conservative student's speech opposing gay marriage.

He said in his post that the instructor was "using a tactic typical among liberals."

"Opinions with which they disagree are not merely wrong, and are not to be argued against on their merits, but are deemed “offensive” and need to be shut up," he wrote.

McAdams said Sunday that the professor lied and later said in a blog post of her own that she did not receive any threatening messages.

"So Marquette blamed me for the fact that she got those unkind emails, in effect saying that straightforward journalism, if somebody reacts badly to it, is out of bounds," he said.

In a statement reacting to the court ruling, Marquette University said it will "comply with the terms of this decision," which won't "change the university’s commitment to the safety and well-being of our students."

"This case has always been about Associate Professor John McAdams’ conduct toward a student teacher. The professor used his personal blog to mock a student teacher, intentionally exposing her name and contact information to a hostile audience that sent her vile and threatening messages," the statement concluded.

McAdams said that he hopes his victory will encourage people to fight for free speech.

"People in my situation need to fight," he said.

Watch the segment above.

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