Harvard Law Professor Emeritus Alan Dershowitz responded to the personal attacks on him in the face of his support for the "civil liberties" of President Donald Trump.

Dershowitz said he is not a Trump supporter and instead voted for Hillary Clinton, but as a legal scholar is simply defending Trump's civil liberties as he would Clinton's.

He said that some "far-left" individuals on Martha's Vineyard, Mass. have made threatening remarks about him because of his legal defenses.

Dershowitz said that a woman at a party there told people that she would "stab [him] in the heart" if he attended the party.

"[She] is a radical leftist woman who will resort to violence because she doesn't agree with my defense of President Trump's civil liberties," Dershowitz said.

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He said the "campaign" against him is being led by MIT Professor Nicholas Negroponte, whom he said wants only one side to be heard.

Dershowitz noted that the vast majority of the elite at the Massachusetts island, including his fellow liberals, are supportive of him standing up for civil liberties without endorsing Trump's politics.

He said he is being treated similar to how "during the McCarthy period... lawyers who defended accused convicts were ostracized and shunned."

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