The British government reportedly will prohibit former United Kingdom Independence Party chairman Nigel Farage from meeting with President Trump during his upcoming state visit.

Keeping Farage, a member of European Parliament, away from Trump is "a top priority of Her Majesty's government," Tucker Carlson said, citing a report in the Telegraph newspaper.

Carlson said that 10 Downing Street -- the British equivalent of the White House -- told the administration a meeting would be a "red line" not to be crossed during Trump's four-day visit next week. 

However, Carlson added that 10 Downing denies the ban exists.

"Don't forget. The establishment in Britain hate me," " Farage responded.

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Farage said the British government is still upset he "forced" Brexit on them, and they also don't like the fact he was the "only British politician" who supported Trump's agenda.

Farage said 10 Downing was also up in arms that Trump mentioned publicly that the Brexit leader should serve as Britain's ambassador to the United States.

He said he has not been told if he is "banned" from meeting with Trump, but said that "if [Trump] wants to see me for a cup of coffee, I'll see him."

Farage added that Prime Minister Theresa May, of the right-leaning Conservative Party, is the "worst prime minister I've seen in my lifetime."

He said that relations between May and Trump are not good either.

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