Jesse Watters blasted a Congolese immigrant who scaled the Statue of Liberty on Independence Day and caused law enforcement and Coast Guard resources to be diverted from their regular crime-fighting intentions.

Therese Patricia Okoumou, 44, of St. George, Staten Island, was arrested after she climbed atop the statue's pedestal and caused the evacuation of Liberty Island.

Watters said Okoumou, a demonstrator protesting the president's immigration policy, is "totally selfish" and "cost the city a lot of money."

He said thousands of people were also turned away from the Statue of Liberty ports, which tourists normally access via ferries in New York City and Jersey City, N.J.

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Okoumou previously filed a complaint with the city of New York in regard to alleged mistreatment by a social services agency where she worked, and was given 60 violations for illegally posting advertisements for her personal training business, the New York Post reported.

The New York City Department of Sanitation fined her $4,500 for the ads, which were affixed to utility poles, the Post reported.

Watters said Okoumou's protest reminded him of the way national anthem kneelers said their protests were about one thing, but were construed by the public as against something else.

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