Alan Dershowitz, a Harvard Law professor emeritus, revealed in an op-ed that he has been snubbed lately by old friends in Martha's Vineyard for his legal analysis on the Mueller probe and perceived support of President Trump. 

He wrote in The Hill:

I am opposed to appointing a special counsel to investigate Hillary Clinton’s campaign, and I was against it for Trump. I am a liberal Democrat in politics, but a neutral civil libertarian when it comes to the Constitution.

But that is not good enough for some of my old friends on Martha’s Vineyard. For them, it is enough that what I have said about the Constitution might help Trump. So they are shunning me and trying to ban me from their social life on Martha’s Vineyard. One of them, an academic at a distinguished university, has told people that he would not attend any dinner or party to which I was invited. He and others have demanded “trigger warnings” so that they can be assured of having “safe spaces” in which they will not encounter me or my ideas. Others have said they will discontinue contributions to organizations that sponsor my talks.

The attorney and lifelong Democrat told Tucker Carlson that one woman said if she saw him on the Massachusetts island she "would stab him through the heart."

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"This is a Martha’s Vineyard woman saying she would stab me through the heart," he emphasized. 

Carlson pointed to MSNBC host Joe Scarborough suggesting in response that Dershowitz is "doing the bidding of Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin." Dershowitz challenged Scarborough to have him on the show to respond. 

“Let’s see if he has the guts to put me on his show so I can tell his viewers the truth," he said, arguing that liberals who are shunning him are actually helping Trump. 

"They are strengthening Donald Trump’s hands. The people who try to shun me are giving Donald Trump and his base an argument about what the radicals are doing.”

He said the Democratic Party is being taken over by "radicals" who do not want to hear any dissenting views. Dershowitz also maintained he is not a supporter of President Trump, disagreeing with him on other issues like immigration. 

Watch the interview above. 

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