Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton said his organization filed an ethics complaint with the House of Representatives seeking reprimand against Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.).

Fitton said Waters used her stature as a member of Congress to incite harassment and potentially cause violence against Trump administration officials.

He said the top House ethics rule is to act in a way that "reflects credibly on the House at all times," adding that Waters' recent public call to tell political opponents "they're not welcome" at a store or service station does not adhere to that rule.

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Fitton called Waters comments "infuriating" and said the House should "stand up against Maxine Waters inciting violence."

"Maxine Waters needs to be disavowed by the House," he said, adding that lawmakers may want to "consider expelling her for this sort of activity."

Waters' opponent, former Torrance, Calif., Traffic Commissioner Omar Navarro (R), also called for her to be censured by the House.

"It is time for Maxine Waters to leave Congress," Navarro told Fox News in June.

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