Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar pushed back Thursday on reports of mass confusion in the efforts to reunite migrant families. 

Azar said the reports are false and said his department is working hard to comply with the most recent order, which demanded the children be reunited with their parents.

He said HHS must consider the welfare of the children and is testing alleged parents for DNA compatibility and checking for criminal records.

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We are "confirming that people claiming to be their parents are their parents," Azar said on "America's Newsroom." "We are operating under a court order that forbids the DHS from holding family units together for longer than 20 days."

He said that order, from Obama-appointed federal Judge Dolly Gee of Central California, conflicts with a new order from Judge Dana Sabrow, a Bush 43 appointee, which demands that children be reunited with the adults they crossed the border with.

"It sounds easy," Azar said, but noted that his department has 11,800 children in their care and has records on each one.

"We have a vital and historic mission here to protect these children," he said. "What we care about is the kids' welfare."

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