The Wes Cook Band performed "I Stand for the Flag" on "Fox & Friends" Thursday after Facebook flagged it as "political content."

The designation by the social media giant meant that the band could not use the company's paid promotional tools to boost the music video to more people when it debuted on Monday morning.

Facebook told Fox News Tuesday that the decision had been overturned.

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"We recently announced anyone running ads about political or other major national issues must include a 'paid for' label," explained a Facebook spokesperson.

"After looking again, we determined that this ad doesn't need that label. While this is a new policy, and while we won’t ever be perfect, we think knowing who is behind an ad is important, and we’ll continue to work on improving as we roll it out."

The Nashville-based country music band said the song is simply patriotic, not political, and the two things should not be conflated by Facebook. 

"Don't care if you're black or white or who you love, I stand for the Flag and the Flag stands for all of us," reads the song's lyrics. 

The band's fiddler, Nathan Stoops, said he believes there is bias against conservatives that comes from the top of the company, calling out founder Mark Zuckerberg. 

"This affects millions of people around the world and businesses," he said. 

Stoops said he believes the song can be a force for healing divisions in the country. Singer-guitarist Wes Cook said he stil does not believe Facebook is "telling the truth" about the situation.

Watch the interview and the performance above.

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