A Navy veteran is honoring the fallen heroes from the war in Afghanistan by writing down all of their names from memory.

Ron White is also a two-time USA Memory champion. He has memorized more than 2,300 names of the fallen as well as the order in which they passed away.

"I wanted to say to every single one: You are not forgotten," White said Wednesday on "Fox & Friends."

White said that he writes down the names of the fallen on a wall, but he also interviews their families for a podcast during which he tells the heroes' stories.

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It took White more than a year to memorize the 7,000-plus words -- rank, first name and last name.

He also wrote all of the names on a wall on the "Fox & Friends" plaza Wednesday.

"It's a long process, it's a hard process, but it's worth it to keep their memory alive," he said.

White, who also served in Afghanistan, said that the project is very personal to him.

"It's the families that keep me going," he said. "Moms and dads will stand at the wall for three or four hours in anticipation of me writing their son's name."

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