Liberal media outlets are already targeting a potential nominee to replace Associate Justice Anthony Kennedy on the Supreme Court as President Trump eyes potential picks.

A variety of outlets have commented on Judge Amy Barrett's religious beliefs ahead of the president's selection.

"[Barrett] went to [the University of] Notre Dame ... she is very Catholic," Zerlina Maxwell said Monday on MSNBC.

Daily Beast editor Erin Ryan also said Tuesday on CNN that "if [Trump] does pick a woman she'll be known as the 'Aunt Lydia' of the Supreme Court," referring to a character in "The Handmaid's Tale" who subjugates other women.

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Fox News contributor Rachel Campos-Duffy said Wednesday that the strategy is revealing of what liberals think of conservative women.

"All the hysteria over Trump and also this nomination has revealed the religious intolerance as well," Campos-Duffy said on "Fox & Friends."

She stressed the importance of the nomination -- The centrist Kennedy's retirement will give Trump the opportunity to move the court solidly to the right, and a vacancy on the court could become a key issue in the midterm elections.

Trump also said he'll name a candidate on July 9.

"I hope it doesn't hurt [Barrett's] chances. She sounds like a very interesting woman. She's imminently qualified," Campos-Duffy added.

She said that liberals seem to take the fact that Barrett has seven children and is successful as a warning sign.

"That's something that they find very weird. They don't like it," she said. "[It's] very revealing."

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