Ben Shapiro, editor of the Daily Wire, responded to a technology journalist who compared him to a Jewish Nazi collaborator during World War II.

Joshua Topolsky, co-founder of the Verge and a contributor to Vox media, called Shapiro "the Jew who helps other Jews onto the train."

Topolsky then issued a slight apology, saying that a "mob of right-wing babies" flooded his Twitter "mentions" and that he found death threats he later received "annoying."

"I've been called worse by better," Shapiro, who is Jewish, said on the Ingraham Angle. "I'm assuming he's calling me a Nazi."

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"The way the left works these days is that anyone who disagrees with them is a Nazi," he said.

Shapiro said Topolosky's insult was ironic because the Anti-Defamation League recently named Shapiro a top recipient of "alt-right hatred."

He also reacted to Washington Post writer Jennifer Rubin, who according to Laura Ingraham was a die-hard Mitt Romney supporter before turning her ire on President Donald Trump.

Rubin said White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders should receive a "life sentence" of what amounts to public harassment.

Shapiro called Rubin "morally vacuous" and Ingraham remarked that Rubin's only apparent "constituency" is "never-Trumper" Republican writers like William Kristol.

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