Democrats want open borders, and I’d respect them more if they would just come out and admit it. 

It's time for Final Thoughts. 

You can’t attack, demonize and call to eliminate ICE, but still maintain you care about the safety and security of our nation. You just can’t.

And how dare you demean our border and immigration agents? You aren’t just pro-immigrant. You are anti-law enforcement. And yes, there’s a difference. 

Each and every day, the men and women of ICE fight human traffickers, murderers, and criminal organizations. They do this to uphold the rule of law. They do it to protect Americans - even those Americans who want to eliminate their jobs. 

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Is that the Democratic Party platform? Lawlessness, open borders, anti-law enforcement, pro-illegal immigration? Sure seems like it. 

Who would have thought we’d see the day when self-professed Socialists are winning primary elections? Take Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who won New York's 14th Congressional District just last week, on the Socialist agenda of Medicare for all, a federal jobs guarantee, free college, and of course, the elimination of ICE. 

Alexandria, do your homework. Here are just some of the things our ICE agents did to protect us in 2017:

They seized nearly a million pounds of narcotics – more than 980,000. Also arrested more than 4,800 members of transnational gangs – 796 of them members of the dreaded MS-13, according to ICE figures.

And it wasn’t just about catching bad guys. ICE numbers cite 904 victims of child exploitation were identified and rescued - along with 518 victims of human trafficking.  

That’s the agency you want to abolish? Of all the useless government organizations the liberals celebrate, they target law enforcement? That says a lot about the priorities of the modern-day Democratic Party. 

It’s ironic, really. The nations these illegal immigrants are fleeing are the kind of nations “Democratic Socialists” like Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez dream of. Don’t let these leftists fool you. “Democratic Socialism” is an oxymoron.

Sure, Socialism starts with the promise of "free things." But it can descend into a black market for toilet paper. Think I’m kidding? Look at Venezuela. People flee from socialism, not to it.

This country is great, but will only stay great if we defend freedom, our borders, and the rule of law. When these Democrats say they want to abolish ICE, they are really saying they want to abolish the rule of law.

Remember that. Vote on that. 

Those are my Final Thoughts. From LA, God Bless and take care. 

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