National Review writer Jonah Goldberg said the increasing trend of young people embracing socialism and far-left policies is partially attributable to the fact they have little memory of the Cold War.

The number-four House Democrat was recently unseated by a 28-year-old socialist Democrat from The Bronx, N.Y. in a district where the Republican economics professor she faces in November is a long shot to beat her.

"The Cold War is so far behind us... that socialism has lost its connotation and association with the rivers of blood that were spilled in its name," Goldberg said, after Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez beat Rep. Joe Crowley (D-Queens) in New York's 14th Congressional District primary.

Goldberg said on "The Story" that prominent socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont plays up socialism as "basically... in favor of all nice things."

"Economics shouldn't be about trade-offs, it shouldn't be about cost," Goldberg said of how Sanders and his followers view the subject.

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Goldberg said a troubling aspect of Ocasio-Cortez' brand of socialism is that she is "basically an open-borders socialist."

"You can't have a view that everybody is welcome here no matter what... and still have any chance of handing out any of these goodies [that you promise]," he said.

Goldberg said the millennials that favor far-left politicians and policies "have no memory of the widespread failure of Communism."

He said that instead, the world is now seeing the "greatest period of poverty alleviation."

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