House Judiciary Committee Member Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) said Monday that he believes the Department of Justice is "spying on" him.

Tucker Carlson said Gohmert, who is also vice chairman of the House Natural Resources Committee, is being retaliated against for "not properly kowtowing to the deep state."

Gohmert said friends in the intelligence community told him he is "being watched," as his committee is working to uncover what exactly happened during the 2016 election, where it relates to potential abuse of the FISA court and government surveillance of the Trump campaign.

He said he didn't take the possibility seriously at first, until he finished working on a 48-page "expose" on Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

"My gosh, this is their mode of operation," he recalled telling himself while working on the document.

Gohmert said the DOJ has a history of going after certain politicians.

He said they "destroyed" the career of Curt Weldon, a Republican congressman from Marcus Hook, Pennsylvania, who was suspected of having illegal connections to Russian businesses in the early 2000s.

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Gohmert also mentioned the corruption case involving the late Sen. Theodore Stevens (R-Alaska).

He added that he played hardball with bureaucrats when it came to uncovering the names of those Obama administration officials who were involved in what he called the "unmasking program" targeting Trump associates.

"We can't live in fear, and they don't scare me," he said.

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