Former Trump adviser Dr. Sebastian Gorka reacted to the left's call to prevent President Trump from installing a textualist or originalist on the Supreme Court.

Filmmaker Michael Moore called for "a million people" to surround the Capitol to prevent the vote on a Trump nominee.

Washington Post writer Jennifer Rubin told Bill Maher on HBO that people should go to Maine and Alaska -- home to the two moderate Republican senators key to the nominee's success -- and warn of repercussions against L.L. Bean and cruise line companies respectively.

"[These] are just scare tactics," Gorka said. "They've been pulling this out since [Robert] Bork's nomination in the 1980s. They disagree with democracy when it doesn't go their way."

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Gorka said the left understands what an originalist will mean on the Supreme Court.

"We will inoculate the Republic for at least a generation from the lunacy of the left," he said, adding that he sees much of the left's agenda being chiefly forwarded through judicial activism and "legislating from the bench."

"The Democrats are so out of touch with America," he said, ripping the Republican Rubin for threatening the clothier Bean and Alaskan cruise lines.

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