Fox News contributor Tomi Lahren recently visited the U.S.-Mexico border in Arizona, and on Saturday she said that the current border fencing in place is severely lacking.

Lahren said she was shown the different fencing used to stymie immigrants attempting to cross the border, as well areas with no fencing at all.

President Donald Trump said last week at a rally in North Dakota that construction of a border wall has already been started.

"We're getting the wall built," Trump said.

Tomi Lahren's Final Thoughts on Trip to U.S.-Mexico Border: 'The Left Is Unfairly Demonizing Border Patrol Agents'

Lahren said on "Watters' World" that fencing used to contain cattle in her home state of South Dakota is more effective than what's seen at the border.

"This was literally barbed wire and twigs," she said. "Not acceptable."

Lahren added that she saw four different types of fencing, some of which was sufficient, but some types could easily be traversed by a person.

"That just means that our agents have to be out there in scorching heat, patrolling that area, monitoring that area, [and] they have to allocate a lot of resources to that," she said.

Lahren also blasted Democrats who have publicly advocated for the abolishment of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, or ICE.

"The Democrats are actually campaigning on an agenda that is anti-law enforcement and is anti-border security and border enforcement," she said.

"That's what the Democrats want for the American people. They want us exposed to drugs, to crime, to illegal immigrants ... Americans, wake up. Midterms are coming."

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