Many beachgoers in Santa Monica, Calif., embarrassingly failed a pop quiz about the significance of Independence Day in America.

Will Witt, a social media influencer for PragerU, came to find that many people didn't simply know what the year 1776 means in American history.

Witt said Sunday on "Fox & Friends" that the most striking response he received was that Independence Day marked the arrival of Christopher Columbus.

Responses to why the holiday is significant included "I don't know," "I forgot" and "I have no idea."

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Witt said the resounding quiz failures is the result of having "leftists run education" in America.

He said that educators today aren't stressing the importance of America to their students.

"This is an issue that Americans are facing that I feel like people don't really know about," he said Sunday.

"They don't know that people aren't being taught these things."

Witt said that before quizzing people, he believed that they'd know the answers easily.

Watch the interview from "Fox & Friends" above, and check out the pop quiz below.

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