Actor and former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger scolded a bobblehead figurine of President Trump on climate change in a new video.

Schwarzenegger said in the video, by media company "ATTN:," that the president's goal to keep the coal industry afloat is "foolish."

"Why the hell are you going through all this effort to rescue coal?" he asked.

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Dean Cain called the tactic "interesting imagery" Saturday on "Fox & Friends."

"Whether it's effective or not ... I don't know," he said.

President Trump has repeatedly promised to end the so-called "war on coal" and put miners back to work.

Schwarzenegger asked the president in the video to give coal miners a "chance" to be happy in solar fields because it's "what a real action hero would do."

Abby Huntsman added that Schwarzenegger's message is not surprising, given that as California governor he brought awareness to climate change.

Ed Henry also said the video did not surprise him because of the president's mocking of Schwarzenegger's ratings on his former show "The Apprentice."

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