Mark Levin said Thursday that liberals are outraged that President Trump will nominate a second Supreme Court justice because they view the high court as their politburo.

Levin, a constitutional law expert and host of "Life, Liberty & Levin," explained that the left wants the Supreme Court to be an all-powerful, centralized political operation where they control a majority of the seats.

"You notice they don't talk about upholding the Constitution as written? You notice they don't talk about this article, this provision, this section, this clause of the Constitution?" Levin told Sean Hannity. 

He said what they actually talk about is the progressive, left-wing ideology that they want to see from judicial nominees, which is incompatible with constitutionalism.

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"That's not how it works. We don't want a conservative, we don't want a liberal, we want a constitutionalist," Levin said. "A constitutionalist is somebody who has sworn to uphold the Constitution, looks at the Constitution, looks at the words, takes them in context, tries to figure out what the original intent was and applies it."

He said Democrats will oppose any candidate Trump nominates, so Republicans are going to have to "steamroll" Democrats to get a nominee appointed.

"The progressives don't own the Supreme Court, they don't own seats on the Supreme Court," Levin said. "We want candidates who are going to uphold the Constitution, not drive their political agenda through the Constitution."

Watch the "Hannity" segment above, and tune in to "Life, Liberty & Levin" Sundays at 10:00pm ET on Fox News Channel. This week's guest is Sean Hannity!

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