Maria Bartiromo sat down with President Trump on "Sunday Morning Futures" and discussed a range of issues, including the selection of a nominee to replace Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy.

During the interview, Bartiromo asked Trump if he plans to ask prospective Supreme Court nominees about their stance on Roe v. Wade.

"That's a big one. Probably not," he said, adding that he has been advised not to do that but is looking to pick a "conservative" similar to Justice Neil Gorsuch.

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President Trump said that he is going to pick a nominee who is "outstanding,” and that Democrats only want to "resist" during the process.

"Right now it’s only resist. That’s all they want to do is stop things from happening," Trump said.

The president said that he hopes a "phase 2" tax cut aimed at the middle class is passed by October.

"I think there’s a double effect," Trump said. "The tax cuts have been incredible, and reform, don’t forget, but tax cuts have been incredible."

The president added that he's mulling lowering the corporate tax rate from 21 percent to 20 percent.

President Trump also said that he hopes Democrats keep thinking about abolishing Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), because it will hurt them in the midterms.

"I hope they keep thinking about it. Because they’re going to get beaten so badly,” he said.

Trump said that if ICE were to be eliminated, the country would be in a state where people would be "afraid to walk out of your house.”

The president traveled to Wisconsin last Thursday to tout his administration's economic achievements and help Taiwanese tech firm Foxconn break ground on a new plant that is expected to employ 13,000 people.

“As Foxconn has discovered, there is no better place to build, hire and grow than right here in the United States. America is open for business,” Trump said, also taking aim at iconic American motorcycle manufacturer Harley-Davidson for blaming Trump's tariffs for its decision to move some production overseas. 

"Harley-Davidson, please build those beautiful motorcycles in the USA. ... Don’t get cute with us, don’t get cute," the president said.

He told Bartiromo that he believes the company will take a "big hit."

"The people that are buying Harley-Davidson, they don’t want it built in another country," Trump said.

In addition to the economic news, the administration announced this week that Trump will meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin on July 16 in Helsinki, Finland.

Watch the interview clips above.

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