The father of murdered CIA contract officer Tyrone Woods reacted to the Benghazi attack "mastermind" getting sentenced to only 22 years in prison.

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Ahmed Abu Khattala, 47, a Libyan national, was sentenced Wednesday to 22 years in prison on federal terrorism charges for the deadly 2012 attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya.

Through a statement from the Justice Department, U.S. District Judge Christopher R. “Casey” Cooper announced the sentence on Wednesday in Washington.

“Even if you did not pour the gasoline or light the match, the evidence showed you were aware of the attack, and once the gates were breached, the likelihood someone would die was extreme high. This was not guilt by association,” Cooper told Khattala.

Charles Woods told Bill Hemmer on Friday that after nearly six years, the government has only prosecuted a single person for the terror attack that killed his son and three other Americans.

"After [Khattala] is released, he is going to be on probation -- supervised here in the United States -- for five years. We will have an American terrorist walking our streets," Woods said.

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Woods said he feared that Khattala may be able to stay longer in the United States if he ends up marrying a citizen and therefore being afforded further rights despite his conviction.

"[The sentence] does nothing to discourage... potential terrorists in the United States and elsewhere," he said.

Woods said he has forgiven the terrorists involved in the attack, but quoted the Bible's Book of Romans:

"The function of government is to protect [us] from wrong-doers," Woods said, adding that this ruling does not properly protect Americans.

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