Former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci reacted to the outrage over Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy's retirement and the fact that President Trump has the opportunity to nominate his successor.

"The president picked a great jurist last time. ... He'll pick a phenomenal jurist this time," Scaramucci said, referring to the successful nomination of Justice Neil Gorsuch.

Scaramucci said "people should just relax for a second and give [Trump] the opportunity to pick somebody" before digging their political "trenches" again.

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He recalled how President Ronald Reagan's nomination of Justice Antonin Scalia passed through the Senate with a 97-0 vote, and said there is too much discord today.

Scaramucci said the list of potential nominees Trump compiled is full of "exceptional Americans."

He added that he is upset that there are people on the left like comedian and TV host Bill Maher who are rooting for economic collapse over their hatred of Trump.

Scaramucci said their criticisms are really only about "style" and not "policies," and he dared HBO's Maher to name "one policy... that the president has promulgated that has led to a disruption" in an American's life.

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