The University of California, Berkeley is reportedly warning students about possible "immigration sweeps" and is preparing them with a catalog of resources in case they encounter Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

The university’s Division of Equity & Inclusion website now has a page to help illegal immigrant students prepare for run-ins with ICE agents and includes a statement of support for the students. 

“While we currently have no information suggesting that our campus, in particular, could be targeted, we believe it is still important for all of us to be informed and prepared in order to support and protect vulnerable members of our community," the university said in a statement on the website.

Berkeley graduate and Campus Reform correspondent Naweed Tahmas said the school is more concerned about helping illegal immigrants than protecting free speech on campus.

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Tahmas, the former vice president of the Berkeley College Republicans, previously documented how conservative students are silenced and harassed on the extremely liberal campus.

He said the college is spitting in the face of taxpayers by providing resources -- including legal services -- to help undocumented immigrants evade the law.

"I think students lose when illegal immigrant students are given preferential treatment. Students are neglected, they are not given the same amount of attention," Tahmas said. "And I think the ultimate losers are California's taxpayers."

He said that this is a symptom of a larger problem, not just at Berkeley but at institutions of higher learning across the county.

"Universities are no longer teaching students to be good citizens, to follow the law. Instead, they're showing that they should resist this and actually go against our federal laws."

The university provided students who may encounter ICE with a "toolkit" of resources, including offering an attorney to students who cannot afford one. 

In February, Campus Reform reported that students were sent into a "panic" when word spread about ICE being on the campus. It turned out the ICE employees were there for a speech, not to carry out a raid. 

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