Tucker Carlson debated an immigration studies professor who supports the call by the far-left wing of the Democratic Party to "abolish" Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Carlson said the idea to dissolve the federal law enforcement organization was initially only a view of the "fringe" left, until an activist from the South Bronx who defeated a 10-term Democratic incumbent and heir apparent to the Democratic leader role.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a self-avowed socialist, defeated House Democratic Caucus Chairman Joseph Crowley (D-Queens) by a large margin on Tuesday in the New York State primary.

Carlson said that with Ocasio-Cortez' win -- in a race where challenger Anthony Pappas (R-Queens) is considered a long shot -- means the idea of abolishing ICE should be "taken seriously."

Carlson asked Professor Hemanth Gundavaram of Northeastern University what an ICE-less America would mean, and who would arrest thousands of criminal illegal immigrants who committed crimes other than crossing the border unlawfully.

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"We existed as a country for hundreds of years before ICE came along 15 years ago," Gundavaram said, adding that ICE has "gotten too big."

He said ICE is supposed to focus on national security and terrorism and argued with Carlson over whether too many ICE arrests are for unserious crimes.

Carlson said many illegal immigrants -- although not a majority -- commit crimes such as DUI and assault, and would have no secondary organization to have them deported.

Gundavaram disagreed, saying that there are "20 agencies" that can handle such things.

He accused President Donald Trump of "us[ing] ICE as his own police force." Carlson asked who will track down criminal illegal aliens who have committed serious crimes if ICE is abolished. 

"Who arrests them? Who deports them?" he asked. 

Gundavaram suggested smaller agencies would do those things, as they did before ICE was created.  

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