The co-chair of Women for Trump said she received death threats after a recent CNN appearance and expressed her concern over people lashing out at Trump supporters and conservative women. 

"I’ve gone on CNN for years. Last week, the hate was ratcheted up to a level I have not seen before," said Amy Kremer on "Fox & Friends."

After the segment, she tweeted about the threats and received a response from CNN's April Ryan, a member of the White House Press Corps, who called her a liar and a "hater."

In recent weeks, Kirstjen Nielsen and Sarah Sanders were confronted at restaurants and Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi was harassed in a movie theater. Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) drew widespread criticism for encouraging people to harass administration officials.

"It’s not just what they’re saying. It’s their voice, the way they’re saying it. The hatred in their voice. It’s really kind of scary," Kremer said about the death threats received via voicemail.

Kremer said she's used to being called names, having worked in politics for 10 years, but she believes the backlash has been taken to a new level.

"People need to calm down. I have a family and when my daughter heard this, it really upset her," she explained.

Kremer called it "modern-day Mean Girls," with women on the left attacking women who support the president. She said the debate over the Trump administration's immigration enforcement has gotten "out of control."

She vowed not to stop supporting President Trump and called on the left to tamp down the vitriol. 

"They need a little more God and a little less politics."

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