President Trump joked with Portuguese President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa Wednesday about Portuguese soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo potentially running against him. 

The two met at the White House Wednesday ahead of the president's NATO summit next month, where Trump had been speaking with the press about Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy's retirement announcement.

"Don't forget that Portugal has the best player in the world," de Sousa said to Trump, emphasizing that Portugal is looking to win the World Cup, currently being held in Russia. 

De Sousa said he just met with Russian President Vladimir Putin, who asked that he greet Trump.

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"How good a player is he? Are you impressed?" Trump asked, referring to the Real Madrid superstar. 

Trump then asked De Sousa if Ronaldo is ever going to run for president against him, joking that the renowned forward might actually win. 

Ronaldo, 33, is regarded as one of the top two soccer players in the world, alongside Argentina's Lionel Messi. He has received the Ballon d'Or -- or "Golden Ball" --  given to the world's best overall soccer player, the last two years.

Watch the funny exchange above.

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