The panel on The Five discussed a new New York Magazine story reporting that many Democrats are concerned about the lack of visibility on the part of former President Barack Obama on the political scene.

Dana Perino said Obama's relative absence is being felt in liberal circles, as the former Illinois senator has stayed largely silent as President Trump governs as his successor.

Perino said that, earlier this year, fired FBI Director Jim Comey told a German news outlet that he also misses Obama.

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton continues to give public speeches, including a recent monologue at Oxford, where she lamented her "personal experience with winning 3 million more votes but still losing [in 2016]."

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Juan Williams said Clinton is "nowhere near as popular as Obama" on the left, and that many Democrats want the 44th president to be a routine anti-Trump voice.

Jesse Watters joked that Obama is likely on the Virgin corporation founder Richard Branson's yacht sailing the world: "That's exactly where I'd be."

He added that, despite political differences, he respects the fact that Obama has conducted himself diplomatically since leaving office.

When Obama took office in 2009, former President George W. Bush remained notably silent, despite the differences between the two men.

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