Tucker Carlson said in his monologue Tuesday that the left is showing that it no longer believes its political opponents have the same Constitutional rights that it has.

"Progressives decided the Bill of Rights applies only to people who agree with them," Carlson said. "Their views are protected by the First Amendment. Yours are hate speech."

Carlson said liberals have already shown that they are allowed security details while telling conservatives they can't "have a gun at home."

"[Non-liberals] no longer have freedom of movement or association. They're surrounded by mobs and threatened," he said, adding that it is time for the "adults on the left" to "rein in" that "mob."

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"As progressives become more authoritarian and less tolerant, they seem more convinced that they’re fighting actual Nazis rather than their fellow Americans," Carlson said, adding that once people believe they are fighting such an oppressive force, "everything is allowed."

"Why wouldn’t you threaten them in restaurants? Or burn their houses down? Or who knows? This could very well end in tragedy," he said, calling for lawmakers and media magnates like NBC's Andy Lack and CNN's Jeff Zucker to cool the rhetoric in their realms.

Carlson said the "activist left is moving toward violence," and said that one Democrat of note, Rep. Maxine Waters of California, memorably called rioting "the voice of the unheard" in the aftermath of the Rodney King verdict.

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