South Carolina gubernatorial candidate John Warren (R) said Tuesday's primary runoff will not be about President Trump, despite the president's outspoken support for his opponent, incumbent Republican Gov. Henry McMaster.

Trump went all-out for McMaster at a rally Monday night, telling his supporters to "get your asses out tomorrow and vote" for McMaster, whom he called a "handsome guy" and a "fighter."

"This election is clearly not about President Trump's record. It's about Henry McMaster's, and it's a record of failure and the people are tired of it," Warren said on "America's Newsroom."

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Warren, a Marine veteran and businessman, said South Carolina is overwhelmed with corruption and a lack of accountability and competence in the government.

He noted that he agrees with Trump on almost every issue -- from tax reform to deregulation to North Korea -- except Trump's endorsement of his opponent.

"A lot of my supporters are Donald Trump supporters, so I think what we need to focus on is who's going to be the better governor for South Carolina," Warren said. "And I can tell you that I look forward to working with President Trump come January."

The winner of the runoff will face Democratic state Rep. James Smith in the fall election. The Republican-leaning state hasn't elected a Democratic governor since Jim Hodges in 1998.

Watch the "America's Newsroom" segment above, and see Sandra Smith's interview with McMaster below.

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