Fox News contributor and former federal prosecutor Andy McCarthy said he predicts FBI Agent Peter Strzok "will talk" when he appears before House lawmakers for an interview on Wednesday.

"He talked to [Inspector General Michael] Horowitz," McCarthy said. "I think he sounds like one of these guys who thinks he can go into a room and control a room."

McCarthy said Strzok is likely comfortable before Congress because Capitol Hill hearings lack the kind of cross-examinations that courtrooms do.

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He appeared to predict that Strzok will not plead the Fifth Amendment.

McCarthy said he doesn't believe the "same quality of justice" was applied to the Clinton and Trump federal investigations -- although Strzok was involved in both.

Former prosecutor Joe diGenova added that Strzok and others in the Obama era "sought to subvert" Trump's election.

"James Comey was a dirty cop and Mr. Strzok is dirtier. ... He is going to go in tomorrow and he's going to lie," he told Hannity. 

Strzok is the subject of scrutiny over texts sent between himself and his then-lover, former FBI attorney Lisa Page.

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