The members of the "Outnumbered" panel on Tuesday were in agreement on the fairness of the recent political incivility from both Democrats and Republicans.

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) called for the harassment of Trump staffers Saturday on MSNBC and that she hopes they won't "be able to go to a restaurant" or "stop at a gas station," and that people are going to "turn on them."

Waters' remarks have been met with backlash on both sides of the aisle.

CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta was shouted down Monday night at the president's rally in South Carolina, during which hecklers chanted "Go home, Jim" at Acosta.

McEnany: Dems Should 'Condemn' Maxine Waters' 'Insane' Call for Harassment of Trump Staffers

Melissa Francis said that she believes "both sides are wrong" and that "we're seeing bad behavior all over the place."

"I don't like what was done to Jim Acosta," she said. "I don't think that was fair or right."

Francis added that Waters has "a long history" of delivering the kind of speech she did over the weekend.

"On both sides, this is not good and can only lead to bad consequences," she said.

Kennedy added that President Trump's rhetoric can be comical and entertaining at times, but when it does cross the line "he should be absolutely called on it."

"But just because he operates in some way, that does not give anyone else license to do the same thing," she said.

Lisa Boothe also said that both before and after Trump was elected, there had been a history of escalated violence toward elected officials from an opposing party.

Boothe recalled the 2017 shooting at a congressional baseball practice in Alexandria, Va. and the 2011 shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-Ariz.).

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