Former New York Congressman Michael Grimm (R) is seeking to unseat incumbent Rep. Daniel Donovan (R) after spending time in prison on tax fraud charges, as the Empire State holds its primary election Tuesday.

Donovan and Grimm's district is the only Republican-held seat in the entirety of New York City, and RealClearPolitics founder Tom Bevan said President Donald Trump won the district by 10 points.

Grimm said he is not surprised that Trump endorsed Donovan -- who Grimm has said is the more liberal candidate for the 11th District Republican primary -- and said he was unfairly jailed for a crime usually punished with a civil fine.

Grimm, a former FBI agent, said Trump is under "tremendous" pressure from the "establishment" not to endorse primary challengers in Republican races.

Grimm spent seven months in prison after then-New York U.S. Attorney Loretta Lynch prosecuted him for tax evasion stemming from what he called "three delivery boys who were off the books" at his now-defunct restaurant.

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"I think the people of Staten Island and [southwestern] Brooklyn got to know me personally," he said, citing his work to help the island borough recover after Hurricane Sandy.

Grimm told the Staten Island Advance that Donovan is really an "anti-Trump liberal" who "voted to protect ObamaCare" and is more moderate on the amnesty issue.

MacCallum replayed a now-infamous 2014 video of Grimm threatening to "break" NY1 local news reporter Michael Scotto "in half, like a boy" and throw him off a Capitol Hill balcony.

Grimm reportedly became enraged after Scotto asked about a campaign finance violation investigation involving Grimm.

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