Arizona Republican Rep. Andy Biggs told Martha MacCallum on Tuesday that the House must have a floor vote on his motion to censure Rep. Maxine Waters.

Biggs, of Gilbert, said he doesn't have "anything personal" against the California Democrat, but that her references of potential harassment of Trump administration officials is "a discredit to the House."

He said that discrediting Congress is a good measure of whether a member should be censured.

"She should be responsible for what she said," Biggs said.

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Biggs was asked about critics' contention that President Trump's rhetoric against opponents has been similarly heated.

He said Trump did not call for his critics to be harassed, and added that if a Republican lawmaker called for the harassment of a Democratic president, the left would call for expulsion from the House and not just a censure proceeding.

Biggs added that, following Waters' comments, a man was arrested in Florida for threatening to kidnap Republican Rep. Brian Mast's children.

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