Laura Ingraham dedicated her "Angle" monologue Monday night to the "organized hatred" that's coming from many on the left.

Ingraham pointed to several recent instances where Trump officials or supporters have been publicly shamed, including Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders and Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi.

She also noted that Rep. Maxine Waters over the weekend called for people to “absolutely harass” Trump administration officials anywhere they're seen in public.

President Trump responded to Waters on Twitter Monday afternoon, calling her "an extraordinarily low IQ person."

"Somewhere the Dems went from 'hope and change' to 'nope and deranged,'" Ingraham said.

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She said this public shaming is a "type of domestic terrorism," and it's intended to stoke hatred and intimidate people from getting involved in the Trump administration in the future.

"The left once decried attacking people, maliciously attacking them in public for their beliefs, their lifestyles, but now because conservatives are the targets a new standard has emerged," Ingraham said.

She said this "thuggish public bullying" will only harden the political divide in the U.S. and perhaps lead to violence.

"And any blood spilled will be on the hands -- remember what happened a year ago to Steve Scalise -- any blood spilled will be on the hands of Maxine Waters and any Democrats or Never Trumpers condoning tacitly or explicitly these Antifa-style tactics of vicious intimidation."

Watch the "Angle" monologue above.

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