The Supreme Court on Tuesday upheld President Trump’s controversial travel ban affecting several Muslim-majority countries.

The 5-4 ruling -- which is the first major high court decision on a Trump administration policy -- upholds the selective travel restrictions, which critics called a discriminatory “Muslim ban” but the administration argued were needed for security reasons.

At issue was whether the travel ban discriminates on the basis of nationality and religion in the government's issuance of immigrant visas.

Fox News senior judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano said that although this is a preliminary ruling, it is a major victory for Trump and it could have major implications for other executive orders.

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He explained that this decision means the Supreme Court will only rule on executive orders themselves, not what the president says about the orders.

"And that is very, very profound when you have a president who doesn't always use an economy of words and often characterizes his own behavior as he seeks to do," Napolitano said.

"It's a ringing, uncompromising endorsement of the choices -- the legal and constitutional choices -- made by President Donald Trump."

Watch his analysis above.

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