I’ve just returned from a few days along the U.S.-Mexican border, at the invitation of the Customs and Border Patrol.  While I was there I spent time with the brave men and women who work to keep our nation safe and secure.

And so it’s time for my Final Thoughts.

No one likes to see families torn apart. But as I’ve said before, and I’ll say again: The best way to ensure your family stays together is to NOT cross into the U.S. illegally.

Yes, some of the people coming here can rightfully claim asylum. BUT … those with legitimate, credible claims should do it the right way – after legally accessing a U.S. port of entry! They shouldn’t trek across the blazing hot desert, or swim across the Rio Grande, and expect the U.S. to roll out the red carpet, no questions asked.

Let’s also recognize not all of these – quote, “family units” – are really families. Criminal organizations and human smugglers – known as coyotes – are using some of these children as pawns.

It’s not just people illegally coming across the border, either: It’s drugs and crime. Border patrol agents so far this year have seized 39,510 pounds of cocaine, 3,316 pounds of heroin, 206,883 pounds of marijuana, 45,896 pounds of methamphetamine, and 984 pounds of Fentanyl.

If the open border loving liberals had their way, those drugs would be flowing freely into your communities.

The left is unfairly demonizing our border patrol agents – who are tasked with not only protecting U.S. citizens, but also illegal immigrants. Just last year, agents rescued 3,221 illegal migrants in dangerous and, in some cases, life-threatening situations.

The left doesn’t want to talk about that. They won’t mention that Latinos today represent more than half the Border Patrol Agent workforce, because that information would get in the way of their race-baiting arguments.

Don’t let the leftist propaganda fool you: Our border patrol agents aren’t cold-hearted. They aren’t racist. They are not monsters. They are humanitarians, with an important and challenging job.

Instead of slamming them, we should be thanking them for the work they do.

So, if some of people are trying to ignite a war on border patrol agents, like they did the war on cops, THEY are the problem. THEY are ungrateful. THEY are utterly misinformed.

Those are my final thoughts. From LA, God Bless and take care.