White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders debated a National Public Radio reporter who asked whether President Trump would continue to "wait on Congress" to act when it comes to the immigration crisis at the Mexican border.

NPR White House correspondent Ayesha Rascoe asked about a tweet from Trump, which suggested that all potential illegal immigrants and asylum seekers must be brought "back from where they came" with "no judges or court cases."

Rascoe asked Sanders to "narrow down exactly what the president intends to do," adding that asylum seekers still have "certain rights."

Sanders said there are "multiple instances" where a noncitizen is granted due process without having to sit before a judge, adding that Trump is waiting on Congress to pass legislation to fix the problems at the border.

Rascoe asked if that meant "nothing is actually going to change" unless Congress passes a law.

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"You mean, are we walking around making up laws? No. Because we're not the Obama administration," Sanders responded. "[The White House] is enforcing the laws on the books."

Rascoe later asked if Trump's tweets are the way he is simply "complaining about the process."

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