One year ago this week, the late Charles Krauthammer commented on the Democratic Party's "resistance" movement and what it could mean for President Trump going into the 2018 elections.

Bret Baier said Monday on Special Report that Krauthammer's words are still relevant, in light of a speech by Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.), wherein she called on people to confront Trump cabinet members in public places out of protest.

"They don't have a message," Krauthammer said of the "resistance" movement in June 2017. "This is the same reason that Hillary lost."

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"Why do they want to win the House [of Representatives]? For one reason," he said. "Not for tax reform, not for jobs. They want to win so they can start impeaching the president."

Krauthammer said that, at the time, some Democrats' messages appeared to be "undoing the election of 2016."

He called the idea the Democrats' "biggest mistake" and "not a worthy cause."

Krauthammer, long a regular panelist on Special Report, died last week at age 68.

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