The panel on Saturday night's "Greg Gutfeld Show" discussed the tumultuous week the Trump administration had regarding migrant family separation at the U.S.-Mexico border.

Legal analyst Emily Compagno said that President Trump ran into the same issue as former President Barack Obama, in that pleasing the masses could show a lack of law enforcement, but that enforcing the law already in place will ignite backlash.

"It is the messaging, first of all, that has been over-simplified by both sides," Compagno said. "We have to think about what is pushing and driving these people so desperately to our borders, and what [are] the pull factors that we have on our side attracting them."

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Fox News contributor George "Tyrus" Murdoch added that the left did not know how to handle their messaging when it came to migrant family separation.

"They are a dog chasing the tire. 'We got them...' and they just fumble it away because they just don't know how to play their hand," Tyrus said.

"They overplayed the hand," Gutfeld replied.

Tyrus agreed, saying that the past week was "a bad week" for the president.

"We have to be able to screen because even if you let in 500 great, hard-working, soon-to-be American citizens and one of them is a mass murderer, that is one too many," Tyrus said.

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