The vice president of a National Border Patrol Council union disputed a California congresswoman's claims that children in a border detention facility were being treated like criminals, as backlash toward the Trump administration's "zero tolerance" policy continues.

Rep. Jackie Speier (D) on Saturday called the Border Patrol a "criminal law enforcement agency" and compared the detention facility she visited to a prison.

Chris Cabrera, the union official, said Speier's remarks were "disgusting."

"Nothing could be farther from the truth," he said on "Fox & Friends."

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Cabrera said that border agents are good people and community members who do a lot of volunteer work.

"For somebody to just come in and bash them like that for their own political gain, that's terrible," he said.

Cabrera added that he is concerned about the rhetoric from some of the public regarding the border patrol and its agents.

"It's a very real concern," he said, adding that he and his agents have received threats from the public.

Watch the segment above.

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