Former Trump attorney Michael Cohen tweeted out his denial Friday night that he was working with actor Tom Arnold to "take down" the president.

Arnold claimed during a bizarre interview with CNN that he's "spending the weekend with Michael Cohen and there's a lot going on."

Vice announced in May that Arnold would investigate rumored recordings of the president in a new show.

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Arnold tweeted a photo of him and Cohen on Thursday with the caption "I love New York," and tweeted the same photo on Friday saying that he "meant it" that he and Cohen were "teaming up to take down Trump."

When asked on CNN Friday if Cohen would cooperate with authorities if charges were brought against him, Arnold remained silent and then replied that he did not want to answer the question.

On "Fox & Friends," Ed Henry compared Arnold's interview to one with former Trump adviser Sam Nunberg, who repeatedly went on interviews saying he would defy Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Cohen later tweeted that the photo of the two was "a chance, public encounter" in a hotel lobby.

He added that they would not be spending the weekend with the actor and didn't discuss anything Trump-related.

Pete Hegseth also commended CNN host Poppy Harlow for letting the awkward silence go on for nearly 20 seconds.

"[Arnold] wasn't answering because he didn't have an answer, and ultimately I bet [Harlow] probably realized this interview is absurd," he said.

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