Tucker Carlson said Friday the left is not allowing for any public debate or discussion on the hallmark issue of 2018 -- immigration.

"The elite left came to the conclusion [that] America needs more immigration -- much more immigration, without limits," he said.

Carlson slammed San Diego immigration activist Enrique Morones for a statement he made on MSNBC.

"Donald Trump is without a doubt pure evil. No other country in the world separates children from their parents," Morones said.

Carlson said that Morones statement further exposes the intentions of the far-left.

"The thing about 'pure evil' is that you can't reason with it. ... Pure evil can only be destroyed by force," Carlson said.

"The left is mobilizing to harass and fire... anyone who disagrees," he said.

Carlson said unfettered immigration only "enriches the elite class at the expense of everyone else."

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