The panel on The Five reacted to a controversial TIME magazine cover and an MSNBC pundit appearing to compare Trump supporters to "Nazis."

The magazine cover displayed an image of President Trump and a young immigrant girl who was previously photographed crying. The girl's father later told the press she was not forcibly separated from her mother, as some in the press claimed.

Additionally, New York advertising executive Donny Deutsch -- a regular guest on MSNBC's morning program -- said Friday that "if you vote for Trump you're the bad guy... You are ripping children from parents' arms."

"If you vote for Trump, then you -- the voter -- you -- not Donald Trump -- are standing at the border like Nazis, going 'here', 'here'," Deutsch said, decrying the "evilness of Donald Trump."

Greg Gutfeld said the TIME cover is "all about demonization."

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"[The] confirmation bias has steered the media into lying over and over again. TIME is now thinner than Donny Deutsch's spine."

Gutfeld said Deutsch has effectively "deemed everybody evil."

"When you call somebody a Nazi, you're giving other people license to hurt them. That is what Donny Deutsch is doing. That is dangerous stuff," he said.

Jesse Watters later echoed Gutfeld's sentiment.

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