National Review senior editor Jonah Goldberg remembered his longtime colleague Charles Krauthammer as a "decent man who took the higher road" in his influential commentaries. 

The conservative icon and intellectual giant passed away Thursday at age 68 following a battle with cancer, and his friends and Fox News colleagues have been sharing their remembrances on-air and on social media

Goldberg, who frequently appeared alongside Krauthammer on "Special Report" panel discussions, said on "America's Newsroom" Friday that he wishes other conservatives would take a cue from Krauthammer and avoid saying "nasty" things simply to upset liberals. 

"It's destroying conservatism. That wasn't Charles. ... He never gave an inch on principle, never gave an inch when he thought he was right, but he wasn't vicious and cruel. He didn't mock children with Down syndrome who are in a cage," said Goldberg.

"He was a decent man who took the higher road, even though he was in a wheelchair."

Later on in the show Steve Hayes, editor-in-chief of The Weekly Standard, shared a story of one of his many "Special Report" panel debates with Krauthammer. Hayes recalled that during the 2012 Republican primaries, the two were on opposite sides of a debate on the show. 

Hayes said he made the mistake of finishing his point with too much time left in the segment and Krauthammer "absolutely destroyed" his argument in about five seconds. A week later during a similar argument, Hayes said he deliberately spoke very slowly in order to avoid leaving Krauthammer any time to retort before the commercial break. 

"He knew exactly what I was doing and looked down the panel at me and started laughing. We went to commercial break and he said, 'You have learned from the master.'"

Hayes said Krauthammer was "such a good man" and right now in Washington D.C., "I regret to say there are not enough good men."

Watch the clips above.

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