Laura Ingraham said the media keeps trying to blame President Trump for creating a crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border, but "inconvenient truths" are emerging to undermine that narrative. 

McClatchy reported Thursday that the Obama administration also separated families who were detained at the border. 

The report stated: 

Obama prosecuted mothers for coming to the United States illegally. He fast tracked deportations. And yes, he housed unaccompanied children in tent cities.

For much of the country — and President Donald Trump — the prevailing belief is that Obama was the president who went easier on immigrants.

Neither Obama nor Democrats created Trump's zero-tolerance policy, which calls for every illegal border crosser to be prosecuted and leads to their children being detained in separate facilities before being shipped to a shelter and eventually a sponsor family.

But Obama's policy helped create the road map of enforcement that Trump has been following — and building on.

Ingraham said Trump is trying to fix problems that have festered for years due to past administrations and Congress failing to take action. 

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She asked Art Del Cueto, president of the Border Patrol Union in Tucson, Arizona, about the "misrepresentations" about the situation at the border and the attacks on U.S. Border Patrol agents.

He explained the true nature of the journey of minors from Guatemala, Honduras and other Central American nations, explaining that border agents go into the field with toys, clothes and food - purchased with their own money - to try to help the children they find.

Del Cueto said young girls are often found with birth control in case they are raped on the arduous journey. 

"It's sickening that certain members of the media have chosen to attack our president ... and Border Patrol agents and describe us as Nazis. It's disgusting that you would even think that, I don't know where that even comes from," he said.  

"You can spin it any way you want, but the reality is I am out there all the time, I work that border and I'm telling you things are being done correctly."

Watch the segment above.

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